Tour period : 1 Day Tour
Price per pax from ¥10,000

This tour will bring you to enjoy and experience Japanese cultures in Nikko Edo Wonderland.
You will feel like riding a time machine into old period of Japan. Once you arrive, you will see lots of ninja, samurai, geisha.
You can also experience fighting with ninja, samurai, throwing shuriken, archery. Not only that, you can also enjoy ninja battle show, haunted mansion, geisha show.
This tour is really recommended for people who really like Japanese cultures

This tour lasts maximum 12hours

Travel Itinerary

DAY 1 : Nikko Edo Wonderland -> Hotel

Nikko Edo Wonderland
Nikko Edo Wonderland

You will feel like riding a time machine to the old time of Japan. Here guests will be able to see ninja, samurai, geisha, blacksmith and so on. There are also various ninja battle shows, samurai shows and geisha shows. Not only shows, guests will also able to experience throwing shuriken, fighting with ninja, archery, ninja maze, dressup as ninja / samurai / geisha. Lastly, you can also experience the ninja exercise house where you will feel dizzy walking inside the house. It is difficult to walk straight inside the house.